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Government 3.0

Government 1.0

Government 1.0 was built upon mythology.ย  The kingdoms of ancient Egypt which worshiped the pharaohs as gods.ย  The Chinese dynasties based upon the Mandate of Heaven.ย  The European monarchies justified by the Divine Right of Kings. And so on.

Government 2.0

Government 2.0 has been governments built upon the operating systems of political and economic philosophies โ€” some disastrous, some good, some mixed. Democracy, Communism, Fascism, Capitalism, Socialism, etc.

Government 3.0

Government 3.0’s innovation is that it does not rely upon either mythology or philosophy.ย  It is based on science. And the upgrade to Government 3.0 is nondisruptive because Government 3.0 builds upon the proven best of Government 2.0.

In the United States, Government 2.0 philosophies, entrenched by the major political parties, have led to years of societal polarization and government gridlock. Mythologies and philosophies do not require evidence, and so disagreements are difficult, if not impossible to resolve. The Benjamin Franklin Party fixes this by operating solely within the common ground of verifiable objective reality, where science and evidence live.

But this scientific approach does not mean the Benjamin Franklin Party is cold or impersonal. Like our namesake, U.S. founder and scientist, Benjamin Franklin, we believe American government should ultimately be about protecting the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of all its people.ย 

Embracing the cooperation and transparency which are at the heart of the scientific investigation, the Benjamin Franklin Party is continuing America’s noble pursuit of a more perfect Union through “Science in the Service of All.”

In short, The Benjamin Franklin Party’s Government 3.0 platform focuses on producing the broadest public good by utilizing the very best scientific evidence available.


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The Benjamin Franklin Party is a new American political party where โ€” always in alignment with the U.S. Constitution โ€” public policy is based upon the very best scientific evidence.


Now! The Benjamin Franklin Party is actively organizing across the U.S.ย Help evidence-based governance succeed in your community!


Americaโ€™s current political party โ€œduopolyโ€ is broken and damaging the United States.ย  The ideology-based Democratic and Republican parties are wasting valuable American resources and are not keeping pace with the technological challenges of the modern world.

As we have unfortunately witnessed in the United States, conflicting political ideologies, like conservatism vs. progressivism, are ultimately irresolvable due to fundamental disagreements in their basic underlying assumptions. ย So, unless there is compromise, political processes incorporating these ideologies end-up gridlocked.

As our politicians have become increasingly polarized and entrenched in their political positions, compromise has been abandoned, leaving critical work undone, and this โ€œdo nothingโ€ stagnation is harming America both at home and internationally.

The Benjamin Franklin Party fixes U.S. government gridlock, by removing American politics from the traps of ideology, and establishing public policy solely on the common ground of universally verifiable scientific evidence.ย  Reality-based governance also makes more efficient and effective use of precious U.S. taxpayer dollars.



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Why Benjamin Franklin?

Benjamin Franklin was more than a U.S. Patriot and one of America’s Founders.ย 

He was also a:

โ€บ Successful Businessperson,

โ€บย  World-renowned scientist and inventor,

โ€บ respected civic leader, statesperson, and diplomat.

Benjamin Franklin personified the vital intersection of government, science, and business, making him the ideal role model and namesake for a political party operating at that same juncture.

Benjamin Franklin also exemplified working together for the common good, civility, even in times of war, and the importance of always keeping a sense of humor.

Who are the modern Benjamin Franklins?

Now we all are.